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Forgotten Cinnamoroll Bento Box

A few years back I created this cute egg crepe Cinnamoroll bento box, and never got around to posting it. I thought today I’d share it with you!

I made this back in 2020 – right before the pandemic hit – so I unfortunately don’t remember much about how I made this. I do remember experimenting with a lot of egg crepes before I got the natural pink color juuuust right, which I’m pretty sure I used beet powder to attain. The blue colored rice is also natural (I know, hard to believe, right?), made using blue matcha powder. Cinnamoroll is made from white cheese, and accented with nori seaweed and ham facial features.

Gudetama Sushi Rolls

Gudetama Sushi is here to make your International Sushi Day celebration the best one yet! Easy enough for even complete beginners to make, this is a must-try recipe for any Gudetama fan!

Gudetama Sushi - These bright yellow Gudetama sushi rolls will make Gudetama fans FLIP! Easy to make, and colored using all-natural ingredients, these make for the most perfect and tasty sushi ever! Get the recipe at: [sushi, egg, bento, lunch}

This year for International Sushi Day (which is June 18th), Sanrio and I are celebrating with yet another epic deco sushi creation: Gudetama Sushi! These sushi rolls are totally beginner-friendly, stuffed with delectable “breakfast-esque” ingredients, and naturally colored that bright Gudetama-yellow hue with an all-natural dye. I’m warning you in advance… it’ll be insanely hard not to shove 5 of these Gudetama sushi rolls into your mouth in 5 seconds flat. But stuffing your face full of sushi is surely a celebratory requirement of International Sushi Day, wouldn’t you say? 😉

Cinnamoroll Rice Bento Box

Celebrate National Pack Your Lunch Day with this cute springtime Cinnamoroll Bento! Easy to make and nearly too cute to eat, this bento is the perfect packed lunch for any Cinnamoroll fan!

Cinnamoroll Rice Bento Box - Love At First Bento

March 10th is National Pack Your Lunch Day, and it just wouldn’t be proper LAFB style if I didn’t celebrate with something ultra cute – enter this Cinnamoroll rice bento box. I mean, can you imagine opening up your bento box at school or work (or wherever you might be bento-ing) and seeing THIS for lunch?!? This bento is stuffed with so much over-the-top cuteness, you’ll be rolling on the floor in delight upon lifting that lid off. And the best part: it’s incredibly easy to make!

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