Mini Baby Seal Fish Burgers Bento Box - Learn how easy it is to make these adorable baby seals for lunch! Easy, delicious, and almost too cute to eat, they make the perfect addition to any nautical themed bento box. |

Mini Baby Seal Fish Burgers

  • Author: Shannon
  • Yield: 3 Mini Burgers
  • Category: Cute Bento


Easy, step-by-step instructions for turning mini fish burgers into adorable baby seals!


Food Items:

  • 3 hamburger buns (you can use slices of white bread instead)
  • 3 mini Filet o’ Fish burgers (recipe from i am a food blog)
  • 3 slices of American cheese
  • Tartar sauce
  • White cheese (such as provolone, swiss, or white Kraft Singles)
  • Nori seaweed

Recommended Tools:

  • Circle cookie cutter (~ 5.5 cm)
  • Mini circle cutter (~ 1 cm)
  • Small circle nori or craft punch
  • Small smiley face nori punch (optional)


  1. Take the top bun of each burger bun and carefully cut off the very top, so that you have a flat, white surface to work with. Using the circle cookie cutter, cut both the top and bottom buns of each burger bun, so that you end up with 6 circles. Set aside.
  2. Using the circle cookie cutter, cut out 3 circles of American cheese. You can cut the scrap pieces of cheese into stars, if you’d like, and add them to the bento box as decoration.
  3. Using the mini circle cutter, cut out 6 circles from the white cheese – these will become the seals’ cheeks.
  4. Using the small circle nori or craft punch, punch out a total of 9 circles from the nori – 6 will become the eyes, and 3 will become the nose.
  5. Optional: Using the small smiley face nori punch, punch the pattern out 9 times from nori. Reserve only the eyes (this should result in 18 tiny circles). These will become the little whisker dots on the seals’ cheeks.
  6. Take one of the burger top bun circles, and lay on a flat surface. Using tweezers, apply a nori nose in the middle of the bun. You can use some of the tartar sauce to help it stick, if necessary.
  7. Using tweezers, apply cheese cheeks. They should just cover the bottom part of the nose, and both cheeks should be touching each other. Again, use tartar sauce as “glue” if necessary.
  8. Optional: Using tweezers, apply the tiny nori whisker dots on top of the cheese cheeks. You will want to add 3 per cheek, and apply them in a triangle pattern.
  9. Using tweezers, apply the nori eyes. Use tartar sauce as “glue” if necessary.
  10. Repeat steps 6 – 8 on the remaining 2 burger top bun circles.
  11. Assemble your 3 mini fish burgers (patty + cheese + tartar sauce + buns), and pack into your bento box.


  • If you’d like to vary the baby seals’ facial expressions like I did, then you’ll need a winking face nori punch.

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