Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box

Unleash your inner moon princess by making Sailor Moon Noodles! Featuring super easy, 100% naturally colored pink noodles that look gorgeous in any bento box!


Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box - Learn exactly how to make this gorgeous character bento box that's fit for a moon princess! Featuring super easy naturally colored pink noodles, an edible mini Moon Stick, and an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Get the recipe at

Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box - Learn exactly how to make this gorgeous character bento box that's fit for a moon princess! Featuring super easy naturally colored pink noodles, an edible mini Moon Stick, and an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Get the recipe at

Okay, for reals: if this Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box doesn’t have you shouting “moon prism power!” from the rooftops for all to hear in your very best pretty sailor soldier voice, then I haven’t done my job right. As a Sailor Moon superfan, I took it upon myself to produce the most elegant, magical girl infused bento box I possibly could, one that was a true ode to the celestial elegance that is Sailor Moon, that radiated edible powers of love and justice that no mortal being could resist. Just as Sailor Moon takes “cute and girly” to a whole new level of refinement, I too aimed to make this a bento that celebrated the cute side of femininity, that elevated all things pink to a “rose gold” tier of sophistication. I truly believe Sailor Moon noodles accomplish just that.   

I actually made this bento for my birthday (which was October 21), because Sailor Moon is one of two animes in existence that has helped shape me into the person that I am today. It was my first ever anime (little Kindergarten Shannon watched it with obsessive devotion every single week on YTV), and what I attribute as being the genesis of my love for Japanese culture. It taught me at a very young age what love was; not only was Tuxedo Mask my very first crush, but I was also infatuated with Serena and Darien’s (AKA Usagi & Mamoru’s) relationship. And if that doesn’t prove to you just how much it shaped my identity, then get this: when my mom was pregnant with my sister, I truly believed, with every ounce of my 4 year old being, that my sister would come right out of the womb as the real world incarnation of Reenie/Chibiusa – I legit expected her to be born with pink hair and red eyes. So, I’d say celebrating my birthday with a Sailor Moon bento box is more than fitting, to say the very least.

Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box - Learn exactly how to make this gorgeous character bento box that's fit for a moon princess! Featuring super easy naturally colored pink noodles, an edible mini Moon Stick, and an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Get the recipe at

In order to transform a bento box from everyday generic to pretty sailor soldier lunchtime bliss, there are 3 integral elements that must be incorporated:

  1. A whole lot of pink
  2. An ample amount of refined cuteness
  3. A celestial touch of magical girl


Point #1 is evidently fulfilled by our peachy pink noodles, which are ridiculously easy to make: just cook rice noodles in water mixed with some beet powder. That’s it! If you don’t have beet powder on hand, you can also produce the same effect by cooking the noodles with a whole, peeled beet placed directly in the pot. Either way, be sure to keep a close eye on the color of the noodles as they cook, otherwise they could turn too deep a red if left in the dyed water for too long.

Adding in some cute noodle mix-ins ensures point #2 is achieved. The toppings I chose were inspired by Serena/Usagi’s bed sheets, and included bunnies, mini crescent moons, stars, and tiny pink pearls. The mini crescent moons are made from naturally dyed chicken ham (here’s the video tutorial for dying ham), but if you want to make this bento fully vegetarian, feel free to use cheese or colored egg crepe in place of the ham. The purple stars and little pink pearls were just some sprinkles I had on hand – I tasted them and made sure they weren’t too sweet, as I had no desire to eat saccharine rice noodles. If you’re interested in adding some sprinkles, be sure to taste them before adding; if they taste like nothing (which most sprinkles do), then feel free to sprinkle away!

Watch how to make Sailor Moon Noodles (45 sec):

Finally, we enter true magical girl realm once we check off point #3, which is accomplished with our mini Moon Stick decoration. The Moon Stick has always been my favorite Sailor Moon wand, and this one was made with leftover dyed ham, cheese, and watermelon radish. Since watermelon radish isn’t readily available, feel free to sub in beet, ham, or dyed egg crepe instead.

The second tier of my bento box was filled with a variety of side dishes that I personally love to eat: tabbouleh salad (topped with a ham heart pick), fresh raspberries and milk chocolate squares sprinkled with coconut flakes, and – my personal favorite – a “transformation brooch” hard boiled egg (mini recipe for this is included in the Notes section of the main recipe below). I actually dyed the outside of the egg a light pink by immersing it in the leftover beet water used to dye the noodles, but this is an optional step (if interested, here’s my guide on how to dye eggs). Either way, you’ve got some awesomely edible moon-prism power going on once this egg is added to your lunch!

Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box - Learn exactly how to make this gorgeous character bento box that's fit for a moon princess! Featuring super easy naturally colored pink noodles, an edible mini Moon Stick, and an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Get the recipe at

So, as a lifelong Sailor Moon superfan, I can 100% guarantee you that any Sailor Moon lover who receives this bento box will die and be sent straight to Sailor Moon heaven. It’s got the pink factor, it’s got the cute factor, and it’s got the magical girl factor all packed up into one deliciously beautiful bento box, and I daresay it’s near impossible to resist. And hey, if you’re lucky, it may even transform you into a Pretty Sailor Soldier upon consumption 😉 In the name of love and justice: go make some Sailor Moon noodles, stat!

PS: If you want the full Sailor Moon experience, you gotta eat this bento with these Sailor Moon Moon Stick chopsticks – the level of how badly I need these is so far off the charts, it’s somewhere on Jupiter. Are they not the most amazing chopsticks you’ve ever seen?? (And WHY weren’t these my birthday present?!?!)


Sailor Moon Noodles Bento Box - Learn exactly how to make this gorgeous character bento box that's fit for a moon princess! Featuring super easy naturally colored pink noodles, an edible mini Moon Stick, and an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Get the recipe at

Sailor Moon Noodles

  • Author: Shannon
  • Yield: 1 Bento Box
  • Category: Character Bento
  • Cuisine: Japanese


Learn how to make Sailor Moon Noodles – a gorgeous addition to any bento box! Included is a super easy recipe for 100% naturally colored pink noodles, how to make your very own edible mini Moon Stick, plus cute and easy decorations to complete your beautiful moon princess lunch. {Vegetarian options}


Food Items:

  • Rice noodles (enough to fill your bento box)
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons beet powder
  • 1 – 2 slices white cheese (such as provolone, swiss, or white Kraft Singles)
  • 2 slices chicken ham or turkey ham
  • 1/4 teaspoon Blue Matcha powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 slice watermelon radish (can sub ham or colored egg crepe)
  • Assorted star, heart, and/or pearl sprinkles (optional)

Recommended Tools:

  • Mini circle cutter tool or drinking straw
  • Small bunny head food cutter
  • Food cutter wheels set (pink and yellow wheels)


Dying the Noodles:

  1. In a large bowl or measuring cup, mix together beet powder with warm water until color is evenly distributed. Make sure you have enough water to cover your noodles.
  2. Place your rice noodles in a pot and cover with the beet water. Cook according to package directions, watching carefully to ensure the pink color doesn’t become too dark. (If they are starting to get too dark, then immediately drain the noodles and submerge them in clear hot water in a large bowl. Allow the noodles to rest until fully cooked.)


  1. Place 1 slice of chicken ham in a glass bowl, and pour enough warm water over top to cover it fully. Add the Blue Matcha powder and mix. Allow the ham to sit in the blue dye for a minimum of 15 minutes – the longer it sits in the dye, the darker blue it will become. Feel free to add more Blue Matcha powder if the color doesn’t seem dark enough.
  2. Repeat Step 1 with your second slice of chicken ham, this time using the turmeric instead of the Blue Matcha to create a yellow dye.
  3. Using the bunny head food cutter, cut out as many bunnies as you’d like from the white cheese. I only needed 4 bunnies for my bento box, but you may need more if your bento box is bigger.
  4. Using the mini circle cutter tool, cut out 5 circles from the blue dyed chicken ham (you may need more circles depending on the size of your bento box). Using only half of the mini circle cutter (the same one you just used), cut out a crescent moon shape from one of the blue ham circles (aim for one edge of the circle cutter to be near the middle of the blue ham circle when you make the cut). Repeat this process on all remaining blue ham circles.
  5. Repeat Step 4 with the yellow dyed chicken ham to create mini yellow crescent moons.
  6. Using the circle cutter on the pink food cutter wheel, cut out 1 circle from the leftover yellow dyed chicken ham. Using the oval cutter on the yellow cutter wheel, create a crescent moon from the yellow ham circle by cutting with only half of the oval cutter – this will become the moon portion of the Moon Stick.
  7. With a knife, cut out a small, thin rectangle from the watermelon radish – this will become the stick portion of the Moon Stick, so size it according to the size of your crescent moon made in Step 6. Optional: Place the radish rectangle atop a piece of white cheese, and, using a craft knife or paring knife, cut around the radish to create a cheese “border”, using the radish rectangle as a trace.
  8. Using the mini circle cutter tool or a drinking straw, cut out 1 mini circle from leftover white cheese – this will become the Silver Crystal portion of the Moon Stick.


  1. Place the cooked pink noodles in your bento box. Using tweezers, place the radish rectangle atop the noodles wherever you’d like. Place the larger crescent moon onto the noodles so that it sits at the top of the radish rectangle. Complete the Moon Stick by adding the white cheese “Silver Crystal” to the middle of the moon’s concave edge.
  2. Using tweezers, randomly place the cheese bunnies, mini blue & yellow ham moons, and sprinkles (if using) atop the noodles.


  • How to make Transformation Brooch Egg: Cut out a crescent moon and a star from orange cheese, and place these atop the yolk portion of the hard-boiled egg (the moon should be placed at the bottom, it’s curved edge aligned with the curve of the yolk, and the star should be placed just above the moon). Use food markers to add circular “jewels” onto the white part of the egg that surrounds the yolk (red at the 12 o’clock position, yellow at 3 o’clock, blue at 6 o’clock, and green at 9 o’clock).
  • To make this 100% vegetarian, make the crescent moons out of cheese or dyed egg crepe instead.
  • To dress the noodles, I made a simple chili lime vinaigrette – just mix together some olive oil, lime juice, chili powder, honey, and salt & pepper. I packed the vinaigrette in a separate sauce container, so the noodles wouldn’t discolor or get soggy before lunch.
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Tools used to make this bento:

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Comments (12)

  • Oh, my god, this is awesome!! When I was in college my roommates would have Sailor Moon marathons as part of our “throwback” nights. I wish we could have been eating out of one of these!

    • Thank you Meg! 😀 Omg, Sailor Moon marathons sound right up my alley – I now have the urge to go do just that! 😛

  • i have to say that i’m not that familiar with sailor moon (oops), but these still look super cool!!! those beet noodles sound ingenius, and i love that you decorated them with bunnies and stars and moons ??

    • Thank you Heather! No one can resist cute bunnies, right? 😛 And if you ever get the chance, I really recommend you give Sailor Moon a watch – the newest version of the anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, has absolutely gorgeous animation~

  • Adding beet powder to make the noodles pink is GENIUS! Next time I’m making pasta, I’m so doing that for my girls 🙂

    • Aww, thank you so much Alisa! 😀 I found it to be way easier than peeling and using a whole beet, which is what I used to do in the past. I’m sure it’ll be a big hit with your girls! Do let me know how they like them 🙂

  • WOW super cute!! Thanks for sharing your Sailor Moon story. I loved it!

    • Hehe, thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it! 😉

  • So cool of you to also include a video. It’s so charming
    Thanks so much fr sharing 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kimberly! It’s always nice to get feedback on the videos and hear that people find them useful 🙂 So glad you stopped by <3

  • I’m totally in LOVE with your bento!!! <3 I like make Sailor Moon bento, I think I will try this soon :3 I will tag you on Instagram ^^
    Have a lovely day ^o^/

    • Aww thank you so much!! I hope you do give it a try, and I would LOVE to see a picture on Instagram! Best of luck! 😀


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