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Gudetama Sushi Rolls

Gudetama Sushi is here to make your International Sushi Day celebration the best one yet! Easy enough for even complete beginners to make, this is a must-try recipe for any Gudetama fan!

Gudetama Sushi - These bright yellow Gudetama sushi rolls will make Gudetama fans FLIP! Easy to make, and colored using all-natural ingredients, these make for the most perfect and tasty sushi ever! Get the recipe at: loveatfirstbento.com [sushi, egg, bento, lunch}

This year for International Sushi Day (which is June 18th), Sanrio and I are celebrating with yet another epic deco sushi creation: Gudetama Sushi! These sushi rolls are totally beginner-friendly, stuffed with delectable “breakfast-esque” ingredients, and naturally colored that bright Gudetama-yellow hue with an all-natural dye. I’m warning you in advance… it’ll be insanely hard not to shove 5 of these Gudetama sushi rolls into your mouth in 5 seconds flat. But stuffing your face full of sushi is surely a celebratory requirement of International Sushi Day, wouldn’t you say? 😉

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