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Hello Kitty Sushi Party + Bento

Hosting a Hello Kitty Sushi Party = the PERFECT (and cutest!) way to celebrate International Sushi Day! Choose from 5 adorable sushi designs that even complete beginners can make from scratch!


Hello Kitty Sushi Party - The perfect way to celebrate International Sushi Day! These 5 adorable Hello Kitty sushi designs are a Hello Kitty fan's dream come true, and a truly almost too cute to eat! Even complete beginners can learn how to make these Hello Kitty sushi from start to finish - find out how by visiting loveatfirstbento.com

In celebration of International Sushi Day on June 18th, I’ve teamed up with Sanrio to create what I think is, quite possibly, the cutest sushi IN EXISTENCE: Hello Kitty Sushi!!! And, because just one type of Hello Kitty sushi wasn’t enough, I created a full-on Hello Kitty sushi party consisting of these five adorably delicious sushi treats:

  1. Classic Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls (top left & right)
  2. Pink Polka-dot Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls (bottom middle)
  3. Hello Kitty Shrimp Nigiri Sushi (bottom left)
  4. Hello Kitty Tamagoyaki Nigiri Sushi (bottom right)
  5. Hello Kitty Inari Sushi (top middle)

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